Internet Marketing, Performed Correctly


TrustRight was formed to house the intellectual property and certain commercial interests of the founders. The motivation was to further commercialize these assets after seeing their remarkable capacity to increase the profitability for a range of web sites.

There are really only two ways to increase the returns from a commercial web-site. They are: 

· To decrease the unit cost of each visitor to the site, and

· To increase the percentage of those visitors who become clients. Visitors become clients when they complete your contact us prompt, add one of your products to their shopping cart, or call your 1-800 number.

And, at the simplest level, the more you drive those metrics the better the Return on Investment (ROI) from your web site web site will be.

Driving Visitor Costs Down

A recent survey established that over ninety percent of first time visitors to websites are directed there by search engines. The search engines use a potential client’s descriptions----or keywords---of your product or service, to create a preferential list. You can pay to have your web site ranked at the top of that list or get placed there free if by creating a credible site. A credible site is one that the search engines have determined is a trustworthy place to get lots of information related to the keywords.

Paying Search Engines for Visitors

Pay(ing) Per Click (PPC) is the way search engines charge you to direct potential clients to your site. The cost is based on a complex algorithm using variables like ad and keyword popularity.

TrustRight, through an associated company, has automated programs that

· manage PPC campaigns, 
· optimize variables, and 
· drive visitor costs lower.  

Getting Search Engines to Direct Visitors to Your Site For Free

Known as organic traffic, these are the most lucrative visitors and come when search engines rank your site as a credible source of information relating to the keywords used in the search.

So, creating sites that have high-quality content, relating to your service or product’s “keywords,” is the best way to get highly “ranked” by the search engines. 

The next critical criterion, used by search engines to “rank” web sites, is the number and quality of inbound links from other web sites or social sites. Or links in the electronic media or other “virtual” sources crawled by search engine “spiders.”

TrustRight has programs that cost-effectively cover all these components of search engine rankings. We have a stable of professional writers to look after content and press releases. And we have the industry’s mostreliable, cost effective inbound links program.

Open Communications Between Your Business and Your Costumers

Email is a simple and very effective way to keep your customer informed. The easiest and fastest sale you can make is from you previous customers. Email Marketing keeps revenue coming into your company.

Converting More Visitors

But attracting visitors, no matter the cost, doesn’t help unless you “convert” them to clients. To ensure that happens, we use our patented tool to “arrest” visitors during that critical first thirty seconds that surveys show are so crucial to conversions. It’s critical because we need to switch a fast moving potential client’s “scanning” eyes into a slower, information-seeking mode. Then, our pool of professional copy writers can create inspiring landing pages that drive visitors through the sales cycle of your web site, and

·  inspire them to add that item to their shopping cart, 
·  complete that contact us prompt, and
·  use your 1-800 number.  

High Returns

The increase in profitability, for both our own and our clients’ web sites, has been dramatic when these tools are used together---

 PPC Management Program, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and Dynamic Landing Pages – when using these tools. 

TrustRight was formed to integrate these components into a full promotional program that can often be used to replace all other forms of marketing. It is a way for business owners, large or small, to dramatically reduce advertising budgets, yet get more clients, using the power of the Internet

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